View of Hell

2011-08-06 02:51:31 by PepperJoe

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Views on Hell

2011-08-06 02:46:05 by PepperJoe

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2011-08-05 03:52:14 by PepperJoe

I believe the idea of Hell has two purposes: to scare and to give hope. If the though of eternal damnation is in someone's mind, they might be less likely to do something wrong. With hope, people get upset when people do evil things. The idea they will be forever tortured for what they did is reassuring to some they will get what they deserve This is wrong for me for two reasons. One, is the scare tactic. As with my policy is with the school sex education program as example, they are told to not do it because of great consequence. Sure, it might work for a little bit, but wouldn't be more effective to give them the straight and tell them why they shouldn't do this? And reason two, the thought of someone being tortured giving people satisfaction is evil. Sure, he killed a man. That's wrong, but isn't just as evil if you want his blood? You want him crying and screaming in agony? As a human society, I hope we can move forward. I personally don't believe in Hell or eternal damnation, so just live today the best you can and don't think about fiery depths.

Thou Commandments of NG Chat

2011-07-25 15:10:35 by PepperJoe

He who hath eyes, may he read!

1. Thou shall not feed the Trolls. Except it if thou has been trolled.
2. Thou shall use proper English. Thou have been taught it.
3. Thou shall treat others as thou want to be treated in real life.
4. Thou shall not be a douche! Seriously, don't be a douche.
5. Thou shall not use the word fuck every other word. Control thy tongue!
6. Thou shall not use gay as an insult, unless thou want to be seen as an a hole!
7. Thou shall respect thy mod. Thou will be raped if thy denies them!
8. Thou shall not ask to be a mod. You are not worthy!
9. Thou shall not concede online, for that is unholy!
10.Thou shall not be a noob or Floff shall smite thee!


2010-09-28 23:18:47 by PepperJoe

This country used to be great. People would get fired up and take action against injustice. Now today, people seem apathetic. They know what is happening, but just take it. If you feel that things should be different, stand up and fight for what you believe. Don't let anyone silence you. Make your voice heard out from the crowd. Together, we can change this country. The way our fathers had intended. Start taking action today.


2010-04-05 00:17:17 by PepperJoe

If you actually ended up on this page, have a good day and a better one tomorrow.